Bouchon Bistro, a Thomas Keller Must Try Restaurant
  1. I just took a trip to Napa Valley with my cousin. The wine and experience was unbelievable! The absolute best lunch location I would recommend over and over is Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, CA. This restaurant is a Thomas Keller restaurant that you can actually get into without having to scramble two months in advance and then hope to get a reservation. You may have heard of a couple of his amazing but hard restaurants to get into like The French Laundry or Per Se (which I went to in NYC and it was beyond amazing as well). This lovely lunch location is something for the books, and I thought I would share a couple experiences we had while there!
  2. First off we were greeted by the most lovely people when walking in. It didn’t feel stuffy or snooty at all! Oh and before I get too far along, you can also make reservations on open table so you don’t have to chance it when it comes to getting a table. They then asked if we wanted to sit outside where they had it heated because it was a cool day, or stay inside. Well, anyone who knows me knows I will always choose outside. You get prime people watching (yes favorite past time for me), and less noise from inside a restaurant.
  3. So we sat down and I challenged my cousin to try caviar. This boys and girls is my achilles heel. If I could eat caviar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would. I simply love the salty bursts you get when eating good caviar. Not to mention Thomas Keller himself got me hooked while dining at Per Se in NYC, so I blame him for my addiction/love affair for caviar! So….we ordered that and deviled eggs incase she didn’t enjoy it. Well to say I think I turned her on to caviar might be an understatement. Not to mention the deviled eggs were topped with fried capers, making them simply divine.
  4. Also, when traveling and eating with me, you know I will always eat fresh fish when on the west or east coast. Living in the midwest is such a meat and potato land that I can’t wait to have light fresh fish when I’m on a coast. For lunch I ordered their mussels and Alex had their gnocchi. Again, words can’t describe the flavor in both dishes. Oh….and did I mention I also had a side of truffle fries. Truffle, another food weakness of mine. I’m pretty sure I devoured our entire meal.
  5. After our meal I also asked our waiter if he would pull two fresh croissants from Bouchon Bakery next door. This is the benefit from eating at Bouchon Bistro…you don’t have to stand in the line wrapped around the corner at the bakery next door. Simply have them grab what you want and skip the line. Small secret that worked out perfectly for breakfast the next day; or for me a late night snack ha!
  6. So, if you are every in Napa Valley wine tasting make sure you make a special trip to Yountville and eat at Bouchon Bistro…I promise it won’t disappoint!!!