Lunch to go…While the Butcher is Preparing Dinner
  1. This is a small food truck my cousin and I stumbled upon while in starvation mode. We saw and could smell smoked meat and we were sold. My favorite is the “Brisket Sandwich Combo.” With the combo you get a side and a drink for $9.00. My cousin got chips but I chose the “bean salad.” It was so fresh and tasty, I would defiantly recommend that!
  2. After you finish eating head into their store location called the “Local Pig.” There you will find butchers breaking down anything and everything. Honestly, you get lunch and then can pick up dinner all in one stop! Anytime I can make one stop instead of two, I’m down!! It also allows you to support local business owners in town vs chain locations. The Local Pig and Pigwich are two great finds in Kansas City, complements of my hungry stomach!
  3. See the address and web link below!
Recipe Notes

Local Pig

Pigwich Food Truck

Address: 2618 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120